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The original trail began off private property many years ago.  Now there is a new government trail completely on Crown Land to take over the stewardship of the area and give the public ability to travel without having to obtain permission to cross private land.  This action by government has been a great benefit to some of general public and provides a different viewing experience.

The cabin is located in a small open area at the coordinates:
UTM NAD27 10U 612707, 5973471

At the trailhead of the government sanctioned trail there is a large parking area alongside a creek with good drinking water. The government trail is much more scenic with various flora and fauna.     

The cabin has a lengthy history. In 1960-1962 a group of Penny folks decided to build the cabin and it was completed Oct 2nd 1962. Workers on the cabin were Victor Mellows, Arne Mellows, Virgil Brandner, Lindy Chambers, Bill Benedict, Clarence Boudreau and Guenther Peemoeller .
The cabin was extensively renovated by the PGBRS in 2005 under the approval of government and with the consent of PHCA as long as it remains under the responsibility of the PHCA for maintenance.  Since 2005, both PHCA and PGBRS have been maintaining the cabin.

The cabin has beds, foamies, and bedding for 6 persons, the maximum.

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