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Welcome to the Penny Red Mountian Web site,  Hopefully you will find all the information you are looking for here if not fill out the contact form and hopefully you get your answer you are looking  for back in a short amount of time.  Penny, BC is Situated on CN railway and old sawmill town mid way between Prince George and McBride and is serviced by via rail and Road.
*note still under construction
Government as Recreation Trail.  # 6881
There are two ways to access Penny by road. One is to take the turnoff from highway 16 about 21km east of Prince Geroge  at the Giscome, Upper Fraser turnoff. This road winds through Ferdale, Willow River, Giscome, Eaglet Lake, Newlands, Aleza Lake, Upper Fraser across the new Hansard bridge on the Fraser river then on to Sinclair Mills, Longworth, then arrives at Penny (this route is kept open all year but check you weather report and go prepared.  The second route is to take highway 16 East from Prince George to the Penny Access Road (about 100km), which leads you to the Fraser River landing at Penny, which is crossed by boat in the summer and is crossed over the ice in the winter

On arrival at Penny you will find two public railway crossings in town. The one at the West end services private land. There you will traverse one and a half kilometers on private land. You will be restricted to foot travel only. On either trail you will be expected to have a reservation and to pay a fee (they call it a donation) of ten dollars per person per night if you wish to use the cabin.
The other public railway crossing is at the East end of town across from the post office. This is a relatively new trail sanctioned by Government as Rec. Site 6881 and this registration covers both the trail and the cabin. Users of this trail do not require a reservation and are not required to pay a fee but will have to still reserve and pay for use of the cabin. A person can also use a quad or snowmobile to travel to the gate at the six-kilometer which allows a person to conserve energy for the last six kilometers, which are very steep in places.  ( Click here for Map )
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* Penny is the only post office in Canada that still has mail delivered by train
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